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Founded in 1957, we are a local company committed to building quality, custom On-Your-Lot homes for Fresno and the surrounding areas. We have built more than 17,000 homes for Central Valley residents just like you, who were looking for more home for their money.

Our plans are customized to meet your family’s needs...

We are proud of our reputation as a quality builder. We strive to give our customers the peace of mind that comes from owning a quality home.

As a company, we put your satisfaction first, and we invite you to compare. You won’t find a better home at a better value than a Western Home.

Our plans are customized to meet your family’s needs and our staff will ensure that the home you want is the home you get.

New Construction

  • No waiting list.
  • Averaging 18 weeks construction time.
  • 6 bedroom & 4 bath starting at $58 per square foot.

Included with each new Western Home:

  • Personalized plans to suit your needs.
  • Upgraded lumber and materials.
  • Removal of construction debris.
  • See more Standard Features.

Model Homes

Open Daily 9:30-5:00

Western Homes Prestige III

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